About Our School


Our vision is of a quality child care center that provides a well-rounded experience throughout the day to fully engage each child. We believe in child led learning through developmentally appropriate activities that tap into and celebrate the uniqueness of each child. We strive to have staff who feel supported and inspired to learn, as well as happy children who feel loved and safe.

We are

Child Focused:

• Safe environment (fenced in playground, secured doors, walkie talkies, staff trained in CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration)
• Lessons that reflect flexible grouping, student choice in activities and hands on learning experiences
• Healthy morning and afternoon snacks provided
• MSDE approved curriculum (Creative Curriculum, Healthy Beginnings, MMSR)
• Developmentally Appropriate Activities
• Integrate Individual Family Service Plans, Individualized Educational Plans, Behavioral Improvement Plans
• Follow Problem Solvers strategies
• Offer extra classes (soccer, jump bunch, karate) as well as music for full time preschool
• Support children in their mastery of toileting skills (2 year old class)
• Annual Holiday program and Art Show
• Kids Up Club for children that don’t nap

An Accessible part of the Community:

• Located in the heart of Catonsville on a bus route, open 7:00am-6:00pm
• Provide before and after care for Catonsville and Hillcrest Elementary Schools
• Able to easily access the Catonsville community (Trolley Trail, library, Fire Station)
• Invite the community members and parents to share knowledge and experiences with children
• Large fenced in playground and various other outdoor areas for play and games. Full sized indoor gym.
• A Mission of Catonsville Presbyterian Church
• Non-Profit, Independent, Non-denominational
• Offer scholarships and accept purchase of care vouchers, as well as participate in the Military Assistance Program
• Offer part time schedules as well as full day or half day preschool
• ADA compliant, center partner with Project Act/Abilities Network
• A unique building space able to support preschool, half day preschool, as well as before and after school age care all in one location
• Peanut free, safe environment for children with allergies
• 30% of staff Medication Administration Trained
• Secure facility


• Competent, high quality staff
• Participate in MSDE Accreditation and Maryland EXCELS program
• Low staff turn over
• Provide unique planning time for teachers to create lesson plans that support development in all areas
• Utilize website, facebook and emails to communicate with families
• Monthly newsletter to inform families of instructional focus, Center happenings and community events
• Transition plans from preschool to Elementary school
• Formal conferences for parents



Catonsville Presbyterian Church Family Child Care Center (CPCFCCC) uses play-based instruction to facilitate each child’s:

• independence
• self-esteem
• cooperative learning skills
• cognitive development
• reasoning and thinking skills
• discovery and exploration
• gross motor skills
• fine motor skills
• positive social interactions
• language skills

We believe that by basing children’s learning experiences in play, we encourage their natural tendencies toward creativity, curiosity, and the need to connect with other people. Play based learning allows children to organize and make sense of their social worlds.


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