Teachers and Staff

Director: Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams is the center’s Director. She has a variety of experiences with children. She completed an undergraduate program in Elementary Education at Chatham College and began her career as a second grade teacher with Prince Georges County Public Schools. She taught second and fifth grade for seven years while working on her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction along with a focus on Supervision and Administration. After completing her Masters program, she moved to Colorado and worked as an Assistant Principal and Principal in the Adams County Public Schools. With the arrival of her first son, Vanessa resigned from her position as Principal and spent some time at home caring for him. She returned to the workforce at Baltimore County Public Schools as part of the Infants and Toddlers Program, where she worked with families and young children with developmental delays. Both of her sons attended our preschool classes. She loves to spend time in the classrooms interacting with children and teachers. Feel free to email or stop by her office with any questions or concerns.

Assistant Director: Heather Hollandsworth

Heather Hollandsworth is the center’s Assistant Director. Heather began working at CPCFCCC in 1999 as an assistant in the fifth grade before- and after-care program. Throughout the years she has had the opportunity to work with all the school-age classes, and in the Pandas preschool class as both assistant and lead teacher. She was the lead teacher responsible for opening the Dragons A classroom, and, most recently, the lead teacher in the Turtles. She says she refers to working at CPCFCCC as being “home” and truly feels that way. “The teachers, staff, children, and parents we have at CPCFCCC make the center a warm, caring place and it is a joy coming to work each day.”

She earned her BA in English from UMUC and and MA in Teaching from Kaplan University. Heather grew up in Catonsville and lived here until 2005 when her family moved to Hampstead.

Office Manager: Ashley Graham

Ashley is the Office manager at CPCFCCC.  Ashley began working here in 2003 as an aide.  She has experience as lead teacher in school age as well as pre-school.  She also has years of experience in our center’s management.  Ashley’s daughter attended CPCFCCC as a Dragon in 2012-2013 and her son was a Turtle in 2015-2016 and a Dragon from 2016-2017.  Ashley is in the office everyday from 7-3.  She is the friendly voice you will hear most often answer the phone when you call the center.  She manages enrollment records, logs payments and verifies deposits, creates newsletters, and researches answers to parents’ questions.

Administrative Assistant: Kelli Sutherland

Kelli Sutherland is the Administrative Assistant at CPCFCCC.  Kelli has worked here since 2007 and has experience in our classrooms as well as in our center’s management.  Kelli is a float from 7-12 and in the office from 3-6.  She is the friendly voice you will hear most often answer the phone when you call the center in the afternoon. She helps manage enrollment records, logs in payments and verifies deposits, and researches answers to parents’ questions.

Bookkeeper: Ginger Daiger

Ginger Daiger is the bookkeeper for the center. Ginger has been on staff since February 1995. She maintains our financial records. You will find that Ginger combines a precise, analytical mind with warmth and compassion. She is a truly kind friend to parents and staff.


Brandon Shaffer, Catonsville Presbyterian Church Sexton, answers many of our maintenance needs.

Bill Zeller is our part-time maintenance associate.


In 2014 there were 35 classroom staff members.

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