Hot Fun in the Summer Time at CPCFCCC Summer Camp

CPCFCCC camp is a great way to introduce your child to preschool, or for an elementary school-aged child to maintain school-year skills and habits in the context of a fun, general camp program. Keep reading to find out why.

Children are given the opportunity to create lasting friendships in an exciting environment.

Many CPCFCCC children come back year after year to reunite with old summertime friends, but they also get the chance to share unique experiences with new friends, too. Our camp crew is comprised of regular CPCFCCC staff, as well as counselors who are returning from college or have summers to fill between full-time teaching jobs. Our camp traditions include: wet play on an inflatable slip-n-slide or in our sandbox beach; picnic lunches; walks through the neighborhood; exciting field trips; visitors and special guests from around the community; weekly snowballs from Opie’s; Dynasty Sports for the preschool; and extra field trips for school-aged children. Fun is our focus! Competition is kept to a minimum.

Campers participate in active learning experiences.

Every summer camp has a theme for staff to focus on and develop content around for reading, arts and crafts, cooking, math, science, and sports lessons. Children are active participants in their learning, and immerse themselves in stimulating and captivating experiences, all while staff members maintain the structure and values that make CPCFCCC a fantastic preschool and after-school program.


Campers are preschool children from 2 through 5, and school-aged children up to those finishing fifth grade. This summer we hold eight consecutive weeks beginning June 18th and ending August 10th. Children may enroll in any or all of those weeks for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week.

Call the center at 410-747-4581 anytime to get more information.

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hot fun in the summertime at CPCFCCC camp
  • High-quality teachers and staff
  • Comfortable and safe building, accredited program
  • Convenient location and accommodating hours (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
  • Extensive grounds, playground and facility